• RPM: #972-602644 / #971-045653

  • ventas@jasatecperu.com

Memopower Plus Series

  • High power density
  • Output power fastor up 0.9
  • Three segment charging mode to increase battery , optimize recharga time
  • Selectable high efficiency mode of operation
  • Cold start
  • Standard communication options : RS-232 communication port, USB communication port , and relay output contacts or SNMP card
  • Power shedding function may turn off uncriticalload in battery backup to make longer backup time for critical load
  • Extended runtime with up to four extended battery modules (EBPs) per UPS.
  • Emergency shutdown control through the remote emergency power-off (EPO) port
  • Versatile LCD dispaly with setting function
  • EPO port
  • Intelligent slot for SNMP card , drycontact card etc.
  • External battery cabinet connector
  • Output slots including two segments
  • Large current output slot
  • Input slot
  • RJ45 surge suppress port
  • RS232 port